Root Canal Treatment

The inner pulp portions of your teeth are made up of nerves and blood vessels. These are what keep a tooth alive, feeding it with essential nutrients to help it function. Dental pains and infections are often caused by the inflammation of these nerve cells. This condition is known as pulpitis, and is treated through a root canal procedure.

Root Canal Treatment

Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Tooth sensitivity is considered normal up to a certain point. When drinking a cold drink or eating something very hot, you may feel slight discomfort in your teeth. But pulpitis goes beyond the normal sensitivity level of teeth. Patients with pulpitis will feel sharp pain and high degrees of discomfort when their tooth gets triggered. Common triggers are very hot, cold or sweet foods or drinks.

Patients with the following symptoms are advised to visit a dentist for a professional evaluation:

  • Tooth pain, aggravated when touched
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweet substances
  • Damaged tooth
  • Gums that are tender or swollen
  • Throbbing tooth pain
If a patient shows any of these symptoms, they may have pulpitis. In this case, a dental checkup is highly advised. Your dentist will carry out a sensitivity test on your teeth. They may also perform an X-ray to determine the extent of inflammation and decay. If pulpitis is diagnosed in a patient, root canal treatment is needed.
Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

What Does A Root Canal Treatment Look Like?

To begin with, your dentist will evaluate the condition of your teeth. An X-ray will usually be needed to get a full picture of its condition, in order to get the best possible treatment. If the need for a root canal is determined, it can be carried out in our clinic in around 30 to 60 minutes.
Patients will receive local anesthetic before the treatment begins, to ensure that their tooth is fully numb to any pain. Then, your dentist will clean away any decay, and create a small hole in your tooth to access the canals of each root. If the tooth being treated is larger, it may have multiple roots needing to be treated.
Once the opening on the tooth is created, your dentist removes all of the damaged pulp. They will also clean out any debris from the canals, eliminating the possibility of infection. Finally, the opening will be sealed with a filling material, preventing a recurring inflection or leakage into the canal.
After a root canal treatment, a crown will be placed over your tooth to protect it in the long term. While the crown is being made, a temporary filling is fit over the tooth. At Dr. Filangeris, we have both endodontic and cosmetic dentistry services. We’ll be able to fit a crown over your tooth, so you won't have to be referred to another specialist to finish the treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Recovery Process

The recovery process after a root canal treatment is relatively quick. Some level of discomfort may arise, but nothing that a painkiller won’t solve. Patients will want to take extra care of their teeth after the procedure. This includes avoiding hard foods or using that tooth too much in the following days. Brushing and flossing, as always, is highly encouraged.

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